Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oyster Recipes - Cook Book


Oyster Recipes
By Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, The Gulf Oyster Project

Oyster Recipes
Developed by Mississippi State University & Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
Oyster Recipes Mississippi

This cookbook has recipes developed by Mississippi State University researchers, Dr. Linda Andrews and Dr. Patti Coggins. Theirs is a fitting tribute to the gem of the Gulf of Mexico seafood industry, the Mississippi Oyster. This southern delicacy is not only tasty, but nutritious too. One serving of oysters can provide over 500% of the daily requirements for vitamin B12 and more than 200% of one’s daily zinc needs. It can surely satisfy the protein needs of the family. These recipes were developed as part of the project – “Integrated Oyster Market Research, Product Development and Evaluation, Promotion, and Consumer Education Program for the Gulf of Mexico’s Oyster Industry”, a collaborative effort through the Gulf and South Atlantic States Fisheries Foundation, Inc., to increase consumer awareness, consumption and sales of oyster products. Most of this cookbook will introduce you to new recipes and enhance your pleasure in eating oysters.

I hope you enjoy these new oyster recipes. Ruth Alviola Posadas, Project Team Leader Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Many chefs in the south will tell you that seafood is versatile and wonderful. Cooking seafood is such a thrill because you can do it so many ways – boil it, char-grill it, fry it, bake it, smoke it or shish-kabob it. However you choose to cook your seafood, especially oysters, it’s certain to be a real treat.


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