Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Disco [2008]

Disco [2008] - Nice Movie

Didier Travolta (Franck Dubosc) is a forty-years-old disco music fan who has no job, lives with his mom and has a kid he hasn't seen for a while. The mother of his son refuses to send him their son for the holidays unless he can offer him some real holidays, not just going in the bars of the city of Le Havre. As Didier has no job thus no money, the only way he can see his son is by winning a dance contest organised by a friend of his (Gérard Depardieu) where the winner gets a free trip to Australia for two persons. Not that easily, he convinces his two former dancing buddies (Samuel Le Bihan and Abbes Zahmani) to get the old local-famous "Bee Kings" group back on tracks. Years have passed, they need a dancing coach (Emmanuelle Béart) to get them ready to hit the floor again. And they soon find out that even if they once were the best, times have changed. Jobs, wives, love, ridiculous looks, old fashion clothes, talented contestents... Will they manage to make the Disco rise again ?


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