Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Killer Pad [2008]

Killer Pad [2008] DVD RIP XVID Eng DUQA

Killer Pad… it’s the story of a cursed, bloody maxi pad that turns whoever wears it into a cum-crazed slut that likes to bite the schwams off of horny losers… at least I wish it was. In reality, it is the tale of three losers that move to L.A. and score a righteous house in the hills of Hollywood. In order to kick their killer pad off right, they throw a party and invite hordes of random strangers to kick it at their friendly abode, including the following stock characters: the three horny fratboys, the vacuous twins, adult film stars (who never get naked), and one washed up celebrity figure, courtesy of Joey “Whoa” Lawrence. The only problem is… they have a steaming bunghole in their basement. It’s supposed to look like a pit to hell, but its rough edges and pulsing light bring to mind the brown depths of a spread sphincter. With the aid of three demon bitches, the stinky hole begins killing off the partygoers one by one. What will the boys do? Will they keep the party going just so they can score or will they alert everyone about the devil’s nefarious plot? I couldn’t tell you… I passed out during the last fifteen minutes… not because I was repeatedly rubbing them out to hot naked chicks either, because there is almost no nudity in the film. Dammit… I just lost 90% of my audience. I have to stop saying shit like that.


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