Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jeszcze Raz

Jeszcze Raz [2008] - Nice, Nice, Hot

Written by Ilona Lepkowska, who has created some of the biggest Polish film and TV comedy hits of recent years, the movie tells of the parallel romantic adventures of a mother and daughter. Anna (Danuta Stenka) is an energetic and attractive 40-year-old with a great sense of humour and an easygoing attitude towards life—and fashion. Her 19-year-old daughter Kasia (Anna Antonowicz) is not your typical teenager; she doesn’t like to party, she’s not interested in boys, and she eats healthy food and practices yoga. Mother and daughter are supposed to spend the hot summer together at a seaside resort. Instead, Kasia ends up going on her own when Anna is persuaded by a friend to head to the mountain hideway of wealthy lawyer Michal. Kasia enjoys her time on the coast, learning how to surf with the handsome Tomus, but also having an encounter with old flame Pawel. Meanwhile, as a result of a friend’s ruse, Anna finds herself alone with Michal, and a stormy relationship develops between the pair. As usual in romantic comedies, a whole series of misunderstandings and complications ensue. By the time mother and daughter meet up again to exchange stories about their adventures, Anna is confined to a hospital bed. Besides the amusing romantic capers, the film boasts some spectacular location filming in many of the most beautiful spots in Poland. There’s also the added bonus of a running gag involving nuns performing sports appropriate to each locale.


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