Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Joomla Template Maker

Template Creation without even a sniff of Dreamweaver or any other HTML Editor.

* Stand-Alone Windows Program
* Creates Complete Zip Template package ready to upload
* Includes creation of valid XML file - You need to add NOTHING.

What Does It Do?
Quite Simply it takes your graphic images and creates a complete template zip file ready to load into Joomla. It does what it says quickly and cleanly.

Technically - It creates a 100% width 'autostretch' 3 column layout. The layout is 3 seperate 100% tables 'stacked' vertically-the top table is for the header area, the middle table is for the Joomla left, center and right columns, and the bottom table is for the footer area. Additionally, the middle table will contain a 3 column 100% nested table. In addition we create the valid XML file and CSS descriptors all ready to run.What comes with the package?

You receive the following:
* Complete Windows Application
* "How to" Movie
* Documentation Package

What Do You Need To Provide?
* Windows XP minimum
* Header, Background and Thumbnail Graphics
* That's it!


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