Thursday, June 5, 2008

Goravani Jyotish Horoscope Service

We have print ads in the Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Hinduism Today Magazine, and others. We receive phoned in, mailed in, and e-mailed in orders for this service on a regular basis. As an alternative to those standard ways of ordering I have created this ordering page, which basically creates an order for you and e-mails it to us.

We print the charts from our Vedic Astrology Software Program "Goravani Jyotish".The readings are from a computer database of readings. The readings apply specifically to your chart from a collection of readings which are from Indian Classical Vedic Astrology books as well as modern authors. This is a serious attempt to give an automated reading of a chart.

We nicely bind your chart , which usually totals around 40 pages all in all, on a ring, with clear plastic covers and include unbound a color print out of your main chart, wich is suitable for framing or displaying for it's artistic beauty.

Our readings cover the various planetary placements in your chart including consideration of the signs, houses, aspects, conjunctions, special yogas (a feature unique to Hindu Astrology), Navamsa placements occasionally, fixed star (Nakshatra) placements, and more. You also get a few pages of transit readings covering the next year.

Still, despite the advanced capabilities, this is a computer generated reading- and you have to treat it as such. It comes with an introduction which explains how Vedic astrology works in a general sense. You also get all the data pages of course, including your charts (Rasi, Navamsa, Bhava and Varga charts), as well as your Vimshottari Dashas to three levels (Maha Dasha, Bhukti and Antar).

So, all in all, this service right here is the most complete Vedic Astrology Chart printout available today at a very affordable price which gives you a powerful window into your life, your karma, without paying the usually higher price of a reading with a personal Vedic astrologer. If you have specific questions or issues you want covered, you may be better off using an astrologer who can respond to your concerns. This service offers only an overall life reading of your chart in 15 to 20 pages of printed readings, as well as a few pages of transit readings for the coming year.

Changes in version 2.5
1. The Panchang and Entries/Exits features have had their data extended, in other words, they now run for well into the future. The Panchang has been increased up to 2035, and the Entries/Exits data has been increased up to the year 2020.

2. The installers have been updated to sense your operating system, so there is no more "checking which version of Windows you have" and on the Mac, it now installs a version which is OSX ready, even though it still runs in Classic mode, at least it doesn't need the "Patch" that version 2.26 needed. Both now have uninstallers. In both cases, Windows and Macintosh, the installation is more smooth and easy. In both cases, the installer now places an icon on your desktop automatically, which was sorely needed. In both cases, your old datafile is not over-written, so you can export and import your data later if need be. You don't have to worry about losing your data during this installation.

3. The KP chart printouts now respond to your glyph or letter settings correctly, and the KP horary system now works better.

4. The windows bug which created a box covering part of the chart has been removed.

5. The bug that caused the graphs to sometimes dissapear has been fixed.

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