Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hyderabad Nawabs - Hindi

‘Hyderabad Nawabs’ produced by V Ramakrishna and directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna is a complete [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]comedy[/color][/color]. There is nothing new in the storyline but the director has managed to make a wholesome entertainer. Many technicians have succeeded in showcasing their skills through it. Pappu (Aziz Nasar) and Munna (Masti Ali) are orphans, who grow up from Hyderabad. Pappu spends his time teasing girls near a women’s college and Munna sells black tickets near a theatre. They are naughty yet good at heart. They fall in love with Nazma (Stuti Mishra) and Reshma (Vandana), who are sisters. The father of the girls Haneef Bhai (Ismail) who is a miser wants to marry off his daughters to rich guys and then later send them to the US. A person by name Sajid pretends that his sons Arif (Raghu) and [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]Anwar[/color][/color] (Basha) have just returned from the US and got engaged to the girls. The truth is, Arif and Anwar are just out of the Chanchalguda jail after a five-month term for committing pickpocket.

Meanwhile, two local gangs, one led by Yadav alias Mama (Raju Shrivastav) and another led by Ajju Tejab (Hari) are at loggerheads and set to take on each other. Pappu and Munna don’t want their lovers to marry Arif and Anwar on learning that they are pickpockets. So, they take the help of Mama while Arif and Anwar take Ajju’s help. In the meantime, Pappu and Munna manage to prove with the help of a drama artiste that they are son of an NRI and thus get the approval of Haneef to marry his daughters.

Both Aziz Nasar and Masti Ali performed well. Stuti and Vandana who faced the camera for the first time have done good job in supporting the heroes in creating laughter. Viswa’s music is fine and so too is Anil’s background music and Joshi’s cinematography. One uncertainty about the film is whether people will turn a comedy into a hit.

Director Lakshmikanth Chenna deserves praises for freely using Telugu words though it is basically a Hindi film. This is a good film worth watching.

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