Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WhiteSmoke Text Enrichment Software

Enable your plain sentences to become more sophisticated and professional. Using unique, patented Natural Language Processing technology, WhiteSmoke suggests context-based synonyms from its vast database and synonym dictionary. In addition, this editing software checks and corrects English grammar and spelling, and helps you write with proper punctuation. All of this, for all styles of writing - business writing, legal, medical, creative, and more.
Enhance your writing with:
English grammar check
Spell check
Proper punctuation
Text enrichment
Synonym dictionary
English grammar corrector
Punctuation corrections
Adjectives & adverbs
Idiom Dictionary
Ideal writing software for:
Legal documents
Medical reports
Essay writing
Business e-mails
Business plans
Creative writing

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Anonymous said...

The license has expired. It no longer works.

anna said...

Use this anonymous@whitesmoke.com